Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Includes VIP Transportation Services?

    Most car rental agencies offer VIP transportation services. It meets specific luxury and security requirements for government organizations, multinational executives, celebrities, political personalities, and others, ensuring punctuality and the most lavish traveling experience.

  • What Can I Do If My Rental Car Broke Down?

    Don’t worry. Car rental agencies provide a contact number for all roadside assistances (sometimes it can be free or payable). Thoroughly check your car rental agreements to avoid future nuisance. If your vehicle gets into dangerous trouble, you must call the police as well.

  • Can I Extend My Car Booking for Some Days?

    Yes. Follow the car rental agreement or ask customer relation executives of your car rental agency.

  • Can I Hire a Car Available for Self-drive?

    Although it was not a common option in past few years, most car rental agencies offer self-drive options nowadays.

  • What Services Include Corporate Car Rental?

    Corporate car rental points out the practice of renting wheels for a variety of business purposes, including client-employee transportation and support operations like mobile services or deliveries.

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