Best-Ever Siliguri Sightseeing Places

Best-Ever Siliguri Sightseeing Places


Restfully located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Siliguri is where you can relish the raw city vibes as well as nature spectacle. Beautiful, lush tea gardens surround the city of Siliguri, known as the Gateway of Northeast India. The terrain offers pictorial views of Mount Kanchenjunga from its various locations.

Siliguri in India is one of the commercially important cities and the third largest city in the Indian state of West Bengal. You can go for car booking in Siliguri for all India tours, Northeast tours, Darjeeling trips, Dooars trips, etc. Various reputed car rental agencies are get-at-able in the region. Book a reliable, authorized one.

This blog ensures some of the top places to visit in and around Siliguri. Have a read:

Salugara Monastery

A Buddhist shrine is Salugara Monastery beautifully located on the periphery of Siliguri, some 6 km away from Siliguri. Also known as the Tashi Homang Stupa, It was built by Tibetan Lama Kalu Rinpoche, an iconic 100-foot stupa featuring 5 relics holy to Buddhists. You can explore the Buddhist temple between 5:30 am to 6:30 pm. You might book low-cost car rental in Siliguri for hassle-free, and enjoyable destination exploration.

Science City

With an objective to encourage scientific interest among science enthusiasts and students, the North Bengal Science Center was established in the year 1997. Visitors can approach the region anytime between 10:30 am to 7 pm. Attractions there are the Science Park, Digital Planetarium, an enormous statue of a T-rex, 3D Theatre, and Taramandal/Solar System. There are several more things to enjoy and explore. Have affordable car booking in Siliguri for city tours.


Nearly 5-6 km apart from Siliguri city situated spacious Hindu Temple ISKCON at Gital para, entirely devoted to Lord Shri Krishna. It’s one of the star attractions in Siliguri city, a personification of purity, peace, and sublimity. Inside the Radha Madhav Sundar Mandir Mandir, there are the Radha Madhav idol, and idols of Lord Narasimha, an image of Lord Krishna with Radha, Lord Chaitanya, and Advaita Acharya, etc.

Daily rituals include Mangal Arati, Srimad Bhagavatam Class, Sringar Arati, Guru Puja, Raj Bhog Arati, Dhoop Arati, Sandhya Arati, Srimad Bhagavad Gita Class, and Shayan Arati. Enjoy complete sattvic food at an eatery called Govind’s Restaurant.

Bengal Safari Siliguri

Among major sightseeing places in Siliguri Bengal Safari Park is a remarkable one, especially an ideal site for wildlife enthusiasts. It’s settled on the outskirts of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, it was established in 2016 to promote North Bengal’s tourism. It’s a part of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, involving a terrain of some 297 hectares.

Spot Royal Bengal Tiger, Barking deer, Hog deer, leopards, beer, Samber deer, crocodile, common languor, small cats and civets, various birds and jungle fowls, medicinal plants, etc. You might book a cab rental in Siliguri for NJP and Bagdogra shuttles.

Plan your holidays with seamless car rental services to ensure a seamless transport experience at your own pace. Within the city, explore the famous Hong Kong Market, some 25 km away from the city sits the stunning Coronation Bridge, Enjoy activities at the Savin Kingdom Amusement Park, and Dreamland Amusement Park. Unleash the splendour of Siliguri to the hilt with a comfy, budget-friendly car hire. 

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