An Exciting 4-Day Lataaguri Dooars Holiday Plan

An Exciting 4-Day Lataaguri Dooars Holiday Plan


Snuggly nestled just outside the Gorumara National Park on NH no. 31, Lataguri is a census town beautifully surrounded by emerald greenery. And, its wildlife diversity is so good to be unequaled. Dooars’ two major wildlife destinations lie in Lataguri.

This quaint settlement is an ideal location for nature retreats. It takes around 20 min from Chalsa, 30 km from Jalpaiguri district, and 60 km from Siliguri to reach Lataguri. You can reach out to the leading Siliguri tour operator to explore Dooars to the hilt.

Here’s a 4-Day Lataguri Dooars tour plan that you can customize at your convenience from your tour operator.

Day 1 - You will be picked up in a private car by your travel representative, who will ensure your transfer to Lataguri Dooars via National Highway 31. 

Tourists who haven’t booked a Dooars holiday package can get a taxicab/bus (private/public buses operated by North Bengal State Transport Corporation) to reach Lataguri by road.

Tour operators also help with flight ticketing and rail ticketing. You have to board a train/flight connecting NJP/Bagdogra Airport.Approach Lataguri via Chalsa without hassles, about 30 min apart. Check into your Lataguri hotel/resort. After that, leave for the Gorumara National Park safari in the afternoon or evening.

Overnight stay at Lataguri or Murti Village, your accommodation will be based on your choice of tourist attractions to keep transport seamless.

Day 2 - Located 20-30 min away from Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is another major wildlife attraction in the Dooars region settled close to Gorumara in Lataguri. Connect with the best Siliguri tour operator for your Dooars holiday plans.

Leave for Chapramari Jungle safari and watchtower visits after early morning breakfast. Your travel assistant will get your tickets. Know that raises in govt. taxes/state taxes, toll fees, and tickets are often counted as exclusions.

The next destination can be the River Murti, a scenic site in Lataguri, originating high above the Neora Valley National Park and finally, meeting the River Jaldhaka. You can explore Samsing, Rocky Island, and Bindu on the 2nd day of your Dooars holiday.

Day 3 – Your tour operator will ensure your transfer to Jaldapara National Park via Madarihat. Jaldapara is one of the top wildlife destinations in India, located in North Bengal Dooars. Buxa Tiger Reserve is around 2hr 44 min to 3hr from Lataguri and about 1 hour from Jaldapara. Contact the top travel agents in Siliguri for Dooars Lataguri holidays.

Day 4 – On the 4th day of your Lataguri Dooars holiday, your travel assistant/tour guide/tour operator will drop you off at NJP/Bagdogra Airport. Departure from Dooars Lataguri and it’s time to return home.

Lataguri is easy to access by road, air, and train, and a holiday package for Lataguri Dooars offers transport assistance such as car hire for sightseeing tours and pick-up and drop-off at NJP and Bagdogra Airport. 

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